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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 12, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> syrian rebels launch an attack on government loyalists. thousands of civilians are said to be amongst those killed. well,. -- welcome. protesters face off against police in turkey as the government hit out of confession with demonstrators. -- confession with demonstrators. >> dozens of terrorist events. >> the head of the u.s. national
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security agency defends its tactics. the mexican say they were held against their will and forced to live in squalor. activists say rebel fighters have raided a town in the east of the country, killing dozens of government loyalists and civilians. iny reportedly's dorm homes the shia village. at least 60 people killed in the raid, and the attack was reportedly in retaliation for an that killed for opposition fighters.
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and they are trying to find a , buto and the civil war they admitted they have nothing new to offer. >> what we have been pushing for is a political solution that end the violence, saves syria, stops the destruction of an entire nation, and that is what we are pushing for, so it is not a question of whether the opposition can win. it is a question of whether we can get to this political solution, and the political solution the russians have agreed to contemplate the transition government. atwhat the regime is doing , it is making a
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political solution more -- moret he regarded difficult. in the end there does have to be a solution. >> they have warned they will new tax.against any -- new attacks. serious said it was targeting what it called a terrorist group. lebanon. after they panic landed a few meters apart. the were firing at
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gunships. it had been hovering for a before the attack. the lebanese protect us? it is also for refugees. this seems to be tit-for-tat. another town further west was also targeted. like many, she puts the blame on those. >> they say the rockets come targets.nese they encouraged the shelling.
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in retaliationis alongside government forces. mirrortarian tensions those inside syria. says it may hold a referendum at the center of nationwide demonstrations. the announcement is made after the prime minister met a group of activists, but protest have continued. in an istanbulre suburb. three people have died and close to 5000 injured since
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demonstrations began on may 28. >> after meeting with , the wordtives coming out from government sources is those in power are possibly having a referendum. aalysts would say this is move to try to embarrass those .ho have been camped out .his is a popular movement go to the polls and see who will win in this current and off. -- current standoff. having said that, there has been
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no solution. they see that, has been -- calm has been returned to the area. to the stark contrast violence of way things have been. >> algeria's president has made his first public appearance since suffering a stroke. not been seen since he was rushed to hospital more than a month ago. there was a lot of speculation he has died. nelson mandela is responding to treatment, according to south
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african president jacob zuma. his former wife's is among those visiting. the 94-year-old has a recurring lung infection. his relatives say they are encouraged by the show of public support. >> he should get back on his feet. >> thank you for what you have done to us. of the security agency has defended the use of surveillance programs. disrupteding data has
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or helped disrupt dozens of terrorist attacks. details last week. >> some heated exchanges on capitol hill as keith alexander appeared before a number of senators who out him to defend the government buying program that has been in place for not months but years, monitoring the ordinary americans, both phone use and internet use through big companies. it was a program they youth army general defended -- the u.s. army general has defended. it is in the interest of u.s. national security. he welcomes public debate. however, it was an argument
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that does not sit right with at least one senator, who says it is difficult to learn more about the program or even to have a debate when so much information is secret data in a secret court using secret law. >> 275 workers have the n- rescued from a tomato -- have been rescued from a tomato packing plant. it is believed they were forced to work in slave like conditions. >> this is where authorities say at least 275 workers are being held against their will. good paying jobs, but workers say they are forced to live in filthy, crowded conditions. some showed marks from eating's.
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-- beatings. >> it is not fair. they should pay us what they owe us. to your room, kick your door open, and tell you, go to work now. if one does not go to work in the field you are given no food. you have to sweep the floor, clean the toilets, and cleaned the rubbish. possibleld consider private nation of freedom because of the statements by some workers who say they tried to escape but were found and beaten. the company refused requests for a statement or interview. abuse is commonly reported in the tomato industry. 54 men have been arrested for crimes including human trafficking. >> the man accused of holding
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three women captive for a decade in the u.s. state of ohio has pleaded not guilty. he is facing hundreds of charges, including rape and kidnapping. he is also accused of killing an unborn child. firefighters and the u.s. state of colorado are struggling to contain a series of wildfires. weather conditions are making it harder. the army has been called in to prevent looting. >> it is eating up home after home with record-breaking heat and low humidity. firefighters are struggling to get the blaze under control. >> this fire spread rapidly yesterday. it moved quickly and consumed a lot of land. almost 100 homes have and destroyed area thousands of
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evil have been ordered out of the area. -- thousands of people have been ordered out of the area. like that are hard. >> we have our own place on the road. you find someplace that is special to you, and it is gone. than 12 square kilometers have been charred by the flames. it could ben how possible for structures on both side to be burning and for the bridge to survive. >> there is no indication of what started the fire. no reports of death or serious injuries. hundreds of firefighters are working to stop the flames on the ground and in the air. their priority is to save people's lives. anger in greece over the decision to shut down the state rod caster.
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.- state broadcaster we will take a look at the remaining candidates in a rand paul selection. election.'s >> we have got stormy weather making its way for the next couple days. you can see it moving across the northern flames. that will bring wind into the midwest as we go through thursday and friday. thewind will move across mountains, very stormy and some wet weather affecting the eastern side of canada.
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32 celsius on thursday afternoon in dc. at least it will be dry and bright. a weather will make its way across the rockies. it has got to see heavy rain across canada. further south we are likely dry and bright until we get into central america. longer spells of rain will continue to ease around the caribbean. two showers are clearing away with a top temperature of 26. >> welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera. in serious a rebel fighters have raided the
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village. opposition fighters reportedly stormed and burned homes in the shia village. at least 60 loyalist fighters and civilians have been killed eerie at the turkish government says it may hold referendum to define the fate of those at the center of demonstrations. the announcement was made after the prime minister met a group of activists. u.s.irector of the national security agency says using secret surveillance has helped disrupt dozens of terrorist attacks. keith alexander was speaking at a senate hearing days after details of the spy program were leaked. in russia thousands have than toching through moscow demand the release of protesters. dozens are still in jail having been arrested.
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>> several thousand demonstrators on the march. the site of some of the biggest antigovernment protesters in years. release demanding the of people the kremlin accuses of violence. he is facing up to 10 years of jail on fraud charges. last may on the eve of vladimir putin's inauguration, police clamped down hard on protesters, arresting dozens. many have been under house arrest for a year. week.ial began last most are in their 20's. if convicted they can be jailed for eight years. he is accused of throwing rocks
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buttarmac at police, friends say it was little more than a lemon. he had come along to photograph the event. and he was behind bars since last june. he suffers from schizophrenia. toughear putin introduced new measures including heavy fines. they say it is designed to prevent gatherings like this. >> in the years since putin's inauguration, every new law has
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stifle order to everyone. >> this week the european toliament has been expected sign a resolution. the kremlin denies it is said. dissent. >> israel's prime minister has compared iran to not see germany. speaking after meeting his polish counterpart, netanyahu says they would never allow another holocaust. netanyahu is on a two-day trip to poland that includes a visit to auschwitz. iran'sning for
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presidential election has ended. the only moderate candidate has received backing. he has also been and toured by another former president. he is facing five conservative candidates. this is now a presidential race with just five conservatives. he is in the conservative camp. he is one of the youngest commanders and the former police chief. >> the war is over, but the defense still remains. today defense should the continued in management, economy, and socially. >> his closest rival is a rams chief negotiator. iran's chief negotiator.
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>> whatever information you provide is false. >> everything i talk about he rejects. you mean you are right and i have no correct information? that is the former foreign minister and the supreme leader's international affairs and pfizer. -- advisor. neither are polling well. is the only reformist running after he with drew. isis also a cleric, but he running with the backing of some powerful man. this includes the head of the reformist movement and the former president.
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a by the help of people come national unity, and consensus of authorities we could overcome sanctions. >> he was the nuclear negotiator, and negotiating the race is now the job of voters, who will decide what they want, reform or negotiations. >> it has long been known our bodies make vitamin d when exposed to the sun. there is another surprising benefit. >> holidaymakers have long --ght out the sun area did taught out the sun. researchers have discovered another important process. >> there is a substance we have
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discovered to be present in large quantities in the skin, and when ultraviolet hit the skin, it is moved into the bloodstream. not produced a small and particularly long-lasting fall in blood pressure. >> high blood pressures is one of the leading causes of heart disease and wrote. having discovered how it works, they are looking at how it could be used to produce low broad pressure low blood across the population. >> could we produce a long- lived fall in blood pressure? >> exposing your skin to the sun's rays appears to have resulted in a drop in blood pressure. the big question is do the
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health benefits outweigh the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays? he has been restoring sun damaged skin for more than 20 years. he is concerned the study may give people the wrong idea about the dangers of skin cancer. >> people think it is beneficial. it can be potentially fatal. many of them can easily transform into carcinoma or display see a, -- displasia, and that is the gateway. >> they hope to reach a point where it is enough to produce stroke but not enough to produce skin cancer. they say this will vary greatly but could allow more people to
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safely enjoy the positive effect of the sun's rays. >> an australian woman is attempting to finish what has been called the holy grail of marathon swimming. stay calm and to relaxed. >> how are you feeling? >> the 165 kilometer journey havana to florida. there is a twist. she is trying to become the first person to make the swim without a protective shark cage. she is expected to reach the florida keys sometime on friday. that is it for us. much more on our website. thanks very much for watching. good night for now.
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